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  Shanghai Yu Tao Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is a GRG.GRC.EPS. sandstone. Gypsum products leading production enterprises. The company has a number of high-quality management personnel, and skilled technicians and leading the art of product designers. Implementation of design, production, installation of one-stop service. The company's production base in Fengxian, Jiangsu and Yangzhou, Shanghai, two, welcomed the new and old customers to the nearest inspection.
  Shanghai Yu Tao decoration material limited company is the Suzhou Gold Mantis, Zhejiang Yasha, Beijing Shenzhou the Great Wall, long-term member of Nanjing Howard and other decoration companies, involved in the construction project are: Nanjing people's great hall, Yangzhou Yingbin Hotel, Taizhou city of Nanchang Yi good clubs, clubs, the Yangzhou canal, Taizhou Hotel, Tai'an Wanda Royal Hotel, Kyushu Changzhou New World Shopping Mall, Ji'nan Hilton Hotel, Yixing Jiuzhou Kokusai Hotel, Huzhou East Road, City River Hotel Yintai, Zijing Hotel Nanjing, the East China Sea Crystal central Royal Kokusai Hotel, Wujiang Hengtong Le Grand Large Hotel, Xinghua Le Grand Large Hotel Ding Wei logistics, the company based in Shanghai, facing the world, won industry acclaim.
"Quality first, the credibility of the first, the customer first" is our service tenet; "Baohuan products quality, refund, repair kits" is our service promise; "abide by the contract, careful construction, lifelong maintenance" is to ensure our service to the project.
Throughout the country have many years of construction process, the credibility of the first, quality first, to create a green home.
Yu Tao GRG features
Shanghai Yu Tao decoration materials Co., Ltd. is the production of GRG products smooth surface is white material surface is smooth, delicate and and various coatings and surface decoration material, good bonding, forming excellent decorative effect, the strength, compression, noise, and other physical properties to much higher than ordinary gypsum board. More important is the GRG to meet the requirements of the designer, as long as the designer can think of the GRG can do it.
Shanghai Yu Tao decoration materials Co., Ltd. is the production of gypsum line accessories, selection of domestic special gypsum powder and alkali fiber and additives, to scientific formula refined. The product surface is clean, the outline is clear, three-dimensional sense of strong. It also has a waterproof, anti - mildew column, moisture-proof, echoes, insulation, and other functions, in the construction and use of the process not to human body and environment bring any harm, is today's real green environmental protection material.
Shanghai Yu Tao decoration materials Co., Ltd. is the production of GRC wall material with weathering resistance, no deformation, and smooth texture, solid, solid, antifreeze, anti drying, and other excellent performance for Western European style villa, hotel, office building and luxury residential outer wall decoration.

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